six only god knows how many favourite moments | freddie & bel, the hour, part one (as requested by several)

Favourite Female Characters (1/5) - Marnie Madden née Sherwin
"Success is the best revenge.  It really is.  You shouldn’t waste your time on anything else."

There’s only ever been you.


Get to Know Me Meme  |  [1/5] Favorite Ships
    ↳ Freddie Lyon & Bel Rowley (The Hour)

You are not impossible. Impossibility’s what hasn’t been done. It’s not impossible when it’s possible.

We dwell on things we cannot bear to leave undone.


The Hour by episode: 1.01

James. Friday’s running order; next time, do it yourself. I am not your secretary.

Marnie Madden’s outfit’s in Season 2 of the Hour BBC.

Success is the best revenge.

Success is the best revenge.